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Yuta Nakayama

Violin Craftsman

After graduated from Violin Craft & Repair Department at Daikanyama Music Academy in 2010. Took 7 months of training from Mr. Oliver Paoli of Aux Petits Chevalets and flew to Europe. In France, learned from Geoffroy -Pierre Mercier. After returning to Japan, studied about Stradivari, Guarneri, and past producers, and refined the original violin while having professional performers and students try it out.


Thank you very much for coming to La Voix Mélodiuse website. 

It is said that the shape of the violin has been modeled the streamlined shape of the human body. Since then, violin craftsmen have refined the beauty of their shape and competed for each other. I myself would like to provide the quality of instrument by putting thoughts of this workshop name and great masters of the past and create a workshop that will be loved. 

Originality and Rich Sound

I believe that what is important for musical instruments are “the beauty of sound”, “the growth of sound”, and “the compatibility with musical instruments”. If any of those is missing, the balance will be lost. Therefore, I’ve been researching independently and taking a try and error. As a result of such experiments, I succeeded in producing a perfect formula that follows players at the best color of sound.

Understanding Tradition
and Challenge

The history of stringed instruments has been around for more than 500 years. The original string instrument (with various theories) goes back in history. The important thing in making it is understanding where the masters were thinking towards. Of course, if you include the process, it is not easy to unravel everything, and there are still many things I do not understand. At that time, I may give up because it’s too far from knowing, or continue to challenge without giving up. Under such circumstances, I would like to make an original instrument that I can be proud of as a craftsman while respecting tradition.